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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hi Amester!

Today Laura and I and her older daughter drove out for lunch in a little town called Julian. It's about 2,000 meters high, and was still warm, bright and sunny in spite of the time of the year. It's a little like Richmond / Long Grove. Lots of apple pie, lots of cider, lots of fudge, and little else. We go out there for the mountain scenery.

In another month, we will return to Julian, but then it will only be a town on the way to Borrego Springs. With the onset of winter, we will venture back into the desert to explore new vistas and canyons. I still hope to find a rattlesnake, SEE it, and then watch and hear it rattle. I heard a rattlesnake Tustin. I was standing in knee-high brush, wearing shorts, sandals, and a Polo shirt. Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattler and it seemed to be about where my left foot was!

Magically, my next memory was that of standing in the middle of a busy road about 25 meters away!! I have no recollection of getting can surmise that I was plucked by the hand of God and placed there, but the more realistic scenario is that I ran faster than at any time in my life! I had been attempting to take a digipic at the time. When I looked at my photo, I saw that it was blurred more than any photot I had ever taken.

I just want to watch one of the nasty creatures rattle at me, and I have a plan to accomplish that.

Speaking of nasty creatures.......I've watched the old Irritable Bowel herself as she went from room to room shaking her head. What's up with that?!!?? Has she gotten Parkinson's or is she just getting crankier??(If that's possible). It looks like she's saying "no" to the floor, and then the walls, and then the floor again.

Wayne is more fun to observe. He has the habit of trying not to look for what he says isn't there in front of him. He stares away a lot - frequently right at the optic! I wish he would find them so that my "entertainment channel" would be cut off. Like I said last time - I watch even though I don't want to. I'm happy that he hasn't found them because I enjoy being able to see you again. You just aren't there enough to make watching for hours on end a very rewarding activity! (That doesn't mean that I want you to hang around there more)

For some really funky old time music, try to get the Andrews Sisters CD "Rum and Coca Cola". It's so "raw" that it's very acquired taste. Laura and I have been having fun dancing in San's very fun, and very romantic. I danced before your mother, and I'm dancing after her...........nothing about her ever was exciting or romantic.

When you are able to function independently of the Irritable Bowel.....we'll talk about EVERYTHING you want to talk about with no rules, restrictions, or limits. Until then, she and the toothy hubby will be watched and recorded at almost every move they make. The Kims have probably contacted an attorney by now, and Coldwell Banker is probably in the middle of assessing their own liability............I'm happy to help the moral side in this cause (they lied and will HAVE to pay for their profiteering and for being disingenuous!)

Until then, I have to be creative, and am finding new ways to study them. My "research" has turned up a couple of Wayne's financial issues. NEVER underestimate the POWER of information or the ease with which it may be obtained! I'd be way happier if we could just pick up a phone and talk....but since we can't, I continue to dig into their lives in every way I can, and that is taking me deeper into Wayne's past.........and some "interesting" things he's done.

Get free of her soon - I'd hate to die before we have a chance to talk. If I do, I've prepared an entire manuscript of the events of the last 3 lustrums (Now you have to look up "Lustrum")



Friday, October 29, 2004

Hi Amy!

It's been an interesting week. I've missed you so much this week that I thought about almost nothing else but you. It's wrong for any parent to do what your mother did, and even she knows that. Knowing that it's wrong and evil and even immoral, she continues to demand her pound of flesh, except that she wants the blood too!

I have no way of knowing whether you still check here or not............I think I'm writing to everyone in the world except you. I hope that you do continue to check here. I've been watching and listening at home and have come to regret having anything to do with that installation. It's addictive! Even though I don't want to watch or listen, I often check it anyway, leave it on, and then end up spending hours being entertained by you and the occasional moron who wanders by with a remarkably dumb comment. The little guy is so predictable - I can almost guess what he'll say next!! It's kind of like a game show! (Wheel of Dwarves?)

I've also been contacted this week by people from the U.S. and Germany, each wanting to know more about Wayne's al Qaeda connection. I expect that he'll be hearing from them soon too! (They know where you live!!)

Your mother is incapable of compassion - her actions are guided by something other than thought or love, or even concern for you. She CANNOT stand to be wrong and she IS totally wrong! Rather than admit to past errors, she will continue to be wrong into eternity - and to her, that's the same as not being wrong.

She is very much like George W. Bush!

with all of my love,


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hi Amester!

You made it to one of the milestone birthdays in your life in spite of all of the distractions and malevolence.

Congratulations on your induction to NHS!
Your induction is not a result of any contibution either of your parents made - it is due solely to the amount of effort which you have chosen to invest in yourself.

You, and you alone, have earned the honor which has been accorded you, and once again, you are in the company of the "best of the best".
As your father, I take great satisfaction from seeing you guiding your life with such hard work, good character, and wonderful spirit.

I know that you know how much I love you and regret not being able to see you.

With all of my love,


Monday, October 18, 2004





Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hi Amester!

Another day has passed.............I tend to think about you more as this time of year approaches. The leaves are turning beautiful colours back there and the air is crisp and refreshing....not quite cold yet. The morning sun in Autumn always seemed to be brighter - probably because the summer humidity has dissipated and the air is clearer - free of the water which hangs in it during the hot months of summer.

The mosquitoes have probably had their last flurry of activity and have forfeited their rotten little lives to the coming cold. Their kids will be back to plague everyone as soon as it gets nice enough to go outside again. It's not fair, but as you've seen - there's at least one mosquito no matter where you go (even some mothers are mosquito-like). In your case, you seem unable to avoid the mosquito!

Since moving to Cali, I've managed to find only ONE mosquito, and I had to hike up the side of a mountain and then down into a heavily forested ravine to find it. It actually found me, and since it was my first one, I didn't even swat it. If you remember Emily, you should look for her blog soon...........not too soon though.

I've learned to grill fresh fish, and I walk 3 blocks to the fish store and pick my fish from the day's catch as the fishermen deliver it. It's so much better than fish which has been frozen or refrigerated! I'm still looking forward to being able to grill some for you. I'm pretty sure that you qualify as a CA state resident, so you should consider going to college out here. Your mother has probably dictated the terms under which she will pay for your college tuition, and I'll bet that one of the stipulations is that you don't attend school outside of the Midwest or the East! How long will she be able to steal your volition?

Well.....enough of that for now. I was observing things yesterday morning and it looks like she's still about the same. Are her teeth fluorescent white, or do you have some weird lights in that place? Glow-in-the-dark teeth!! Pretty scary when she smiles at night, huh? I had pretty much forgotten what she looked like until now. I liked her face better when I had forgotten it.

Ok......I'm gonna go...............I started to write you a little note and got side tracked by the DARK SIDE.

I hope that life is wonderful and wonder-filled for you. This year is one of the most important in your life, and I want it to be the best year you've ever had!

(Exotic pics coming as soon as the airlines find the luggage with the Compact Flash Memory cards, boomerangs, carved shells and other stuff that I've already forgotten.)

With my love

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dear Amy,

Another beautiful day in's getting cooler, but nothing like you're experiencing! I'm going to the harbor today to visit the U.S.S. Midway, so I thought I'd post a live web cam link to it so that you can see it too! (Those web cams are everywhere!) (If Midway dowsn't appear, Select the REAGAN cam and adjust the zoom and pan the camera around - MIDWAY is the aircraft carrier in the foreground)
Remember swimming with the sharks?? There's a place near here which is teeming with baby leopard sharks, so Laura and I are going snorkeling there (keeping in mind that where there are babies, there are usually parents which are BIGGER!!

Gotta run now because I'm doing a tour on the ship and I don't want to be late for it.

With love,


Monday, October 11, 2004

Dear Amy,

Yesterday Laura and I went to the beach in the morning, walked home, had lunch, and then drove to downtown San Diego to enjoy the "Festa Italiano!". It was a beautiful, warm, sunny and gentle day. You get about 3-5 of them each year back there in the transition from freezing cold to blisteringly hot and humid. We get about 300 near-perfect days here every year!

When we left the festival, we wandered along the waterfront and saw the SAPPHIRE PRINCESS - a huge white cruise ship which looks like George Jetson may have designed it. Near the smoke stack are two very large air intakes designed to look like big sliver jet engines. On the squared stern is some architectural feature which resembles a handle. There is a covered walkway which enables passengers to walk all the way to to bow, but from the shore, it gives the bow of the ship the appearance of a clam. Overall - not a pretty ship! It's probably wonderful and elegant inside, but pretty awful to look at if you're not aboard it.

I hope that all is going well for you, and that you are happy. I'll finish this later.



Monday, October 04, 2004

Dear Amester,

We've been away for quite a while so I have to relearn how to use this thing. (I forgot how to post photos). I've got lots to tell you about your Aunt Nancy and her kids (your Australian cousins), Australia, the islands of the South Pacific and sailing , and many other things.

I hope that you had a good summer and that your senior year will be filled with good and happy memories which will always be a source of strength and self-confidence, and something you can revisit and recall fondly. I shouldn't be surprised that you're a senior now, but I am. It was inevitable that you would grow and evolve, and because of your mother's scheming and ugly predisposition to crushing a father's love for his daughter (something she never experienced herself), I was unable to be a part of the changes and the progress in your life.

As much as I wanted your mother to send you to La Jolla when she flew into her most recent rage (the one over email), the more important consideration is that I want your senior year to be a happy experience that you spend with your friends, peers, and associates in an environment which is familiar and comfortable for you. The judicial officials I contacted in Waukegan questioned why a mother would threaten to throw her daughter out of her house for merely sending a few happy, excited email to her father, none of which disclosed any information about the mother or her new husband .
The judge hinted at your mother's unstable nature and I am certain that he would have legally adjudged her to be the unfit parent everyone knows her to be and would have transferred custody if she had carried out her threat to evict you upon completion of the last school year, or upon the attainment of your 18th birthday.

I have only memories of you as you were when we saw each other last. I know that you've changed, grown, and matured (even though your mother and her garden gnome don't think so). As you will see, I've had some input in your new place and now I'm getting daily input from it so I'm able to "virtually" see and hear you every day you're there.

As she herself said" "It's a doggy dog world!". Now the doggies have come home to enjoy the show - "Here's lookin' at you, kid!" (Humphrey Bogart "Casablanca") I've named the new house "Casablanca" in memory of that famous line!

Since your mother told the authorities all kinds of lies about me and even had me placed on a national watch list for people who owned guns (I shot one of those guns at a target only once in more than 30 years). I was asked recently if I knew of anyone with stated or implied intent to threaten or compromise the security of the United States so I told them about Wayne and gave them his name as being the only terrorist I knew of.

When I told them that he travels so frequently, they entered his name and quickly found him in their computer. They got another response from somewhere and then wanted more details about him. I told them every thing I know - I even gave them your mother's name too, so she's probably on the same list. They wanted names of employers and as much other info as I had. I told them that Wayne has several guns, including at least one 32 caliber handgun.

Apparently, they're looking for people like him because he fits the profile of a courier/scout/paymaster for al Qaeda.

Now all of your mother's husband's are on national watch lists, although he's on a better one than me!

I have to go back to Scripps for a new round of treatment of my right eye, which began to bleed into the retina again about three months ago. Since we've been gone for so long, I had to deal with it, noticing that it got slightly worse each day. It's a bother but I still manage to get around La Jolla and a bit of San Diego by using a talking Garmin Street Pilot 2610. I saw on the news last night that the high temp in Chicago will be 51 today - it'll be 74 here! It's almost always 74 here. Except for not having had ANY rain for the last 170 days, I've learned to really love this place!

I've got to leave for my doctor appointment but I'll be communicating with you via this and other means.

With my love,


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