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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hi Amester!

Today Laura and I and her older daughter drove out for lunch in a little town called Julian. It's about 2,000 meters high, and was still warm, bright and sunny in spite of the time of the year. It's a little like Richmond / Long Grove. Lots of apple pie, lots of cider, lots of fudge, and little else. We go out there for the mountain scenery.

In another month, we will return to Julian, but then it will only be a town on the way to Borrego Springs. With the onset of winter, we will venture back into the desert to explore new vistas and canyons. I still hope to find a rattlesnake, SEE it, and then watch and hear it rattle. I heard a rattlesnake Tustin. I was standing in knee-high brush, wearing shorts, sandals, and a Polo shirt. Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable sound of a rattler and it seemed to be about where my left foot was!

Magically, my next memory was that of standing in the middle of a busy road about 25 meters away!! I have no recollection of getting can surmise that I was plucked by the hand of God and placed there, but the more realistic scenario is that I ran faster than at any time in my life! I had been attempting to take a digipic at the time. When I looked at my photo, I saw that it was blurred more than any photot I had ever taken.

I just want to watch one of the nasty creatures rattle at me, and I have a plan to accomplish that.

Speaking of nasty creatures.......I've watched the old Irritable Bowel herself as she went from room to room shaking her head. What's up with that?!!?? Has she gotten Parkinson's or is she just getting crankier??(If that's possible). It looks like she's saying "no" to the floor, and then the walls, and then the floor again.

Wayne is more fun to observe. He has the habit of trying not to look for what he says isn't there in front of him. He stares away a lot - frequently right at the optic! I wish he would find them so that my "entertainment channel" would be cut off. Like I said last time - I watch even though I don't want to. I'm happy that he hasn't found them because I enjoy being able to see you again. You just aren't there enough to make watching for hours on end a very rewarding activity! (That doesn't mean that I want you to hang around there more)

For some really funky old time music, try to get the Andrews Sisters CD "Rum and Coca Cola". It's so "raw" that it's very acquired taste. Laura and I have been having fun dancing in San's very fun, and very romantic. I danced before your mother, and I'm dancing after her...........nothing about her ever was exciting or romantic.

When you are able to function independently of the Irritable Bowel.....we'll talk about EVERYTHING you want to talk about with no rules, restrictions, or limits. Until then, she and the toothy hubby will be watched and recorded at almost every move they make. The Kims have probably contacted an attorney by now, and Coldwell Banker is probably in the middle of assessing their own liability............I'm happy to help the moral side in this cause (they lied and will HAVE to pay for their profiteering and for being disingenuous!)

Until then, I have to be creative, and am finding new ways to study them. My "research" has turned up a couple of Wayne's financial issues. NEVER underestimate the POWER of information or the ease with which it may be obtained! I'd be way happier if we could just pick up a phone and talk....but since we can't, I continue to dig into their lives in every way I can, and that is taking me deeper into Wayne's past.........and some "interesting" things he's done.

Get free of her soon - I'd hate to die before we have a chance to talk. If I do, I've prepared an entire manuscript of the events of the last 3 lustrums (Now you have to look up "Lustrum")



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