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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I was using Mozilla, but switched back to Internet Explorer. Microsoft seems to have plugged the leaks and some software is incompatible with Mozilla.

Are you having trouble with any of these?:

Cool Web Search
Osama Bin Laden Virus
virtual card for you
Arnold Schwarzenegger Virus
Hack Army Trojan

Maxserving (seems to be the source of most of these pests) If you have CoolWWW, then you also have HomeOldSP, and Maxserving is what put all that garbage on your PC.
Only GhostSurf Pro can block Maxserving.

TKBell IS valid REAL Player file. If you're concerned - just delete your REAL player.

RPC Doom Warning

Have you seen this?: "Warning - Your computer has been infected with the RPC Doom Virus." "Press HERE to disinfect".

If you have seen that "warning", do not press anything to "disinfect". If you do, you are opening the door to your PC for all kinds of scams, redirects, homepage hijackers, and whatever kind of trash that's out there. The RPC Doom Warning is just an annoying pop-up ad. You can get rid of it by opening the Windows Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete). And doing the following:
Click once on the RPC Doom Warning in the Task Manager Window, and then click "End Task"
The "Warning" will go away.......but it will be back. Read on for
ways to protect your PC.

Heard about MY DOOM?

You can avoid infection by never opening an attachment from an address you do not know, keeping anti-virus software updated, using a personal firewall and downloading the latest patches.

If you have received an email (usually from a friend), stating that they have unknowingly sent you a not search for jdbe.exe, or jdbg.exe as they ask you to do. Both of those are valid Windows files. You will find them if you look for them because they are a part of Windows.

DO NOT DELETE THEM. If you've already deleted them, it probably won't matter, but if you want them back, you can always reload Windows and restore/repair the files.
There are many different ways to eliminate these pests, but there is no single way to eliminate them and KEEP THEM FROM INFESTING YOUR PC unless you follow the suggestions outlined below!

For the rest of you who have been infected, infested and bothered by CoolWWW and all of its variants listed on!

I've been going to infected websites everywhere using an older Pentium PC a neighbor gave me after her husband died. I've been having fun finding ways to not only get rid of home page hijackers, but to KEEP THEM AWAY!!

Most of the software I'm going to recommend is free, and you can download it from the secure links in this post. Two of the software programs are not free, but they are worth their price because they are so totally effective.

The system I've developed for clearing out the pests listed above is as follows:

1. I use GhostSurf Pro all of the time on the PC I'm using to write this because it PREVENTS ALL of those pests from getting into my computer. It's not free, but I believe it is the most effective weapon against having control of your PC taken away from you. If you scroll to the bottom of this page, I've placed a secure link to the company which produces it. If you want to be finally rid of will benefit from ordering it.

When you get it, click on everything and see for yourself, the power it restores to you. It also allows you to surf anonymously through "invisible" hubs, and has several handy data destroying features. Whether you are a surfer of naughty sites, or just want to have control of your own PC, GhostSurf Pro is the BEST program I've found.
The only negative aspect of GhostSurf Pro that I'm aware of is that it slows internet search activity slightly, but since the other choice is having my PC altered by trashy search pages, I choose to use GhostSurf Pro and go a little slower

2. Sometimes, I turn it off, because it won't let me go to sites which will infect my PC ("isn't that why I bought it???")
Almost as soon as I disable GhostSurf Pro, my home page gets changed, usually to CoolWWW or CoolWebSearch, Zestyfind, or HomeOldSp is always found when any of those other pests appear. As soon as this happens, I reactivate GhostSurf Pro, then I click on BHO Demon, which you can download from this secure link. There's a helpful tutorial at the site to show you how to use BHO Demon. The object of BHO Demon is to disable the BHO (Browser Helper Object), which is the code which redirects your PC to the pests we're talking about here. It's FREE!!

3. The next step is to run HiJack This! You can download it securely from this link to the program's author. This step is a little tricky because you're going to have to decide which lines you should remove by placing a check mark in the box at the beginning of each line of code. My rule is that I delete ANYTHING which does not have a LEGITIMATE product name in it. If I see a line which contains MSMSGS.EXE in it, I always delete it and it has never done anything to impair any of my PC's capabilities. It seems to be an attempt to hide a nasty " .exe" file in your registry. (It sort of looks like it might be a bit of legitimate Microsoft(MS) code.) Place a check mark next to anything you want to remove and click "FIX CHECKED ITEMS". You'll get a warning that you're about to remove a BHO. Do it! That's the point of this exercise! If you accidentally remove something you need, you can always reload the program and restore anything you shouldn't have removed. After a few tries, you'll begin to recognize the code and the tricks used to camouflage the pests.

Be alert and pay close attention to your TYPING SKILLS. There is a malicious site named "". The legitimate site is "", and it is the origin of HiJack This! software. Look again at the spelling of the site careful!

HiJack This! is FREE!!

4. The next step on the path to cleaning your PC and regaining control of it is to use one of my long-time favorites. Ad-aware is made by Lavasoft, a Swedish company and in my opinion, it is one of the very best pieces of FREE pest removal software that's available. The "secret" to using Ad-aware (and all other pest removal programs)is to update it at least once a week. I check for updates every day! You can download Ad-aware from this secure link to Lavasoft.

Click on the Ad-aware box at the left of the Lavasoft home page and you'll be taken to the free download site.

5. Finally, my absolute favorite for cleaning up everything left behind by the other programs is Pest Patrol. It is your final guarantee that there is NOTHING left on your PC after you've taken the steps described above. It is not free, but like GhostSurf Pro, it is worth its price because it assures you that you are in control of your PC. PestPatrol.">You can order Pest Patrol it from the company which produces it by clicking this secure link. As with Ad-aware, it is of the utmost importance that you update it daily, or at least weekly.


Many sites offer free downloads of Cool Web Shredder. Many of those sites are frauds, and are merely conduits for Cool WWW and Cool Web Search.

If you have been alarmed by the RPC Doom Virus Detected Pop-up "Warning", DO NOT CLICK THE "DISINFECT" TAB!! Instead, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and highlight the warning in the Windows task manager. Click "End Task". If you've already clicked "Disinfect" you've almost surely downloaded something nasty, so read on and you'll learn how to get rid of it - forever!

If you have any concerns about the health of your PC, go to this link and download AVG. It's an EXCELLENT, COMPREHENSIVE anti-virus tool which does not screw up Windows like Norton sometimes can (and does). It's also FREE. If you keep AVG updated daily, you should not have any more trouble with infections. not download it from any site other than Grisoft's site. If you do, you are welcoming mischief.

Another secure, comprehensive virus scan of your computer can be made by clicking this link to Trend Micro, which has a highly respected FREE product called Housecall.

At this time, I don't recommend using any of the other free utilities.

The Five steps I've outlined above will restore control of your PC to you!

Microsoft can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

Norton can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

MacAfee can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

By using the techniques I've described here, I have been able to see every attempt made by sites to Hijack my home page, and I've been able to see every site which attempts to place a tracking cookie on my computer, and I've been able to block them before they can do their dirty work. I've also been able to keep sites from placing images and popups on my computer.

I've set GhostSurf Pro so that it automatically blocks all new attempts to gather ANY information from my computer, or change my homepage. It also wipes out all traces of my private online surfing. No one can build a profile of me from my personal online browsing, and I like that feature of GhostSurf Pro very much!

IF you decide to purchase GhostSurf Pro, order it ONLY from Tenebril. There is a link to their site at the bottom of this page. Any other source of GhostSurf Pro may be a copy containing the trojans and spyware you are trying to eliminate


Good luck and good hunting!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2004




ALL elementary school teachers should be given random psychological tests every two or three years, and should be removed from teaching if their psychological profiles reveal that they are prone to abusive behavior, or that they are able to condone abuse of any sort as a means of forcing a child to bend to their will.

Experience and EXPERTISE at bending children's personalities, emotional torture, and blackmail are probably not attributes you would look for in a woman who was going to be teaching your first grade child.

There are military guards on trial right now for doing those things to prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison, a maximum security corrections facility in Iraq!. Even prisoners of war are entitled to better treatment than this teacher accords her own daughter......yet District 73 will allow her to have control of YOUR children in the coming year and you won't be there to see what she does to them.

BLACKMAILING AND COERCION are particularly ugly methods of forcing a child to bend to one's will, and neither seem like admirable attributes in anyone, and especially not in a first grade teacher.

There is an elementary school teacher who regularly subjects her daughter to mental cruelty and emotional abuse, and has done so for the last five years, in the privacy of her own home, out of sight of the public.

If the public knew about this, she would not be a teacher at Hawthorn Elementary, she would not have custody of her daughter, and she might even be a candidate for continuous therapy and analysis, and maybe even an extended stay at an asylum, with mandatory ongoing therapy if released.

Do you want her having control of YOUR child!!???!!!

Her victim is her daughter.

The parents of young children who are about to enter the first grade in Distrit 73 should know about the behavior of this teacher who may be granted control over their children by a school district which knows nothing of her personal psychological profile.

Before now, no one has spoken of her other side.

What follows is not a fairy tale of a beautiful princess locked in a tower by her evil, jealous mother. It is not even a nightmare.

It is the truth.

It is a personal accounting of the abuses and cruelties and invasions of personal freedoms and privacy perpetrated by a hate-inspired first grade teacher against her own child.

It is up to the parents of children who attend Hawthorn Elementary School to decide whether they want to place their children in a situation where this woman is still teaching first grade despite her continuing misuse of her own child as a pawn in an angry divorce, and her frequent abuse of her daughter as the focus of her anger.

Instead of encouraging a healthy, normal relationship between the father of the daughter, she prevents such contact, despite having been directed by a court-appointed mediator to allow it and encourage it. In the past, she allowed the father and daughter only one phone call per week, but it had to be made on a speakerphone so that she could monitor the call and direct her daughter's answers. When she decided the call was over she took the phone from her daughter and began to verbally abuse the father in the presence of their child.

This woman is a first grade teacher. She has control over a new group of little children every year. Do you want your child placed in her custody???

She allowed her ex-husband and his daughter to meet on very infrequent occasions for a quick dinner or a cup of coffee, but insisted on attending those meetings and became openly abusive toward the father in public, again in the presence of their child.

The first grade teacher in question would never allow her daughter to communicate with her father via email, and she never allowed her daughter to write private letters to her father. She dictated the content of the very few letters she allowed over the last five years, and she would not even allow her daughter to address or mail the letters she had "written".

The first grade teacher has unknownable reasons for trying to hide the father's address and telephone number from the daughter. The father advised his ex-wife several weeks in advance that he was moving to California to start a new life. She didn't bother to tell her daughter about his move until five minutes before they met for the last time at Starbuck's in Vernon Hills. This shows her disregard for her daughter's feelings and emotional needs, yet she is supposedly trained to be understanding and compassionate. Is this the care you want for your child?

During that last meeting, the first grade teacher was unable to contain her rage began her final, loud, public derision of her ex-husband. The daughter ran out of Starbucks in tears. The father followed her to comfort her. The first grade teacher followed him and ordered their daughter to get into her car.

The last time the father and the daughter ever saw each other was as the car raced away into the darkness. The daughter managed a tiny wave which her father returned. Their final meeting had lasted less than ten minutes.

Is this the kind of compassion, understanding and nourishing care you hope that your children will receive every day?

The father paid the first grade teacher $60.00 for his daughter's school pictures. She cashed the check, took the money, but never gave him any pictures. He hasn't seen any pictures of his daughter for two years. His daughter went to the Prom this year. He couldn't be there to see her on that important event, or any of the important events in her life because the first grade teacher is determined to eradicate the daughter's memory of her father.

He didn't even know that she was going to the Prom - he has not received any uncensored news about his daughter for almost five years, and has received no news about her for two years. He hasn't been able to speak with her teachers. His daughter can't talk to him about her dreams, interests, joys, troubles, or about anything at all.

He hasn't been able to be a father for his daughter because his ex-wife is deternined to inflict constant pain on her ex-husband even though the daughter is always the innocent victim caught in the open when her mother begins "shooting". It is a one-sided war. She wants to cause him constant pain and sadness and achieves that goal by keeping his daughter away from him in spite of the great emotional damage this has done to the child.

The first grade teacher is always "shooting" at her ex-husband, and is not at all concerned that she is also hurting their daughter.

The "shooter" has been a first grade teacher in Hawthorn Elementary for several years.

She continues to inflict more damage on her child every day and is aware of the consequences her war against her ex-husband have on their daughter, but chooses to make her child suffer.

When the father sent letters or gifts to his daughter, his ex-wife, the first grade teacher, intercepted them all. The money and gifts never reached the daughter. The letters and cards and postcards were either thrown away or censored by the first grade teacher, who probably blacked out whole sentences with a large, permanent magic marker. The first grade teacher then read the letters to her daughter, omitting the parts she had blacked out. Everyone except the first grade teacher still wonders what happened to the money he sent his daughter for Christmas last year. Obliteration of the things she disagrees with or dislikes is her normal mode, so she may have even used an X-acto knife to remove the parts of the letters and cards which she didn't like. She has apparently disposed of most of the letters and gifts he has sent his daughter,

His letters were open expressions of love for a daughter who had been torn away from her father by an angry wife who obtained a two year order of protection against the husband by lying to the police. She then had the order renewed, keeping with her plan to hurt her ex-husband by denying all opportunity for the father and daughter to continue their loving, happy relationship. The order has finally expired and the court has been asked to disallow any further renewals.

The fact still remains that SHE was the only person in that family to commit physical, verbal, mental, and emotional violence, and she committed them against her husband and her daughter. She is still committing mental cruelties and emotional abuse against her child.

That woman is preparing to take control of your children's lives for a large segment of every school day in the coming year.

Almost two years later, when the daughter finally did contact the father via an email link on a website he had established in the hope of communicating his feelings to his daughter, she expressed love for him and happiness at being able to communicate with him, but she also expressed great fear of being caught.

She was caught. How she was caught is not known, but the first grade teacher and her new husband seem to devote fanatical amounts of energy and time policing every move this seventeen year old young woman makes. They may have installed software on her computer which allows them to read all of her personal emails and Instant Messages.

She is an honor student. A pom co-captain, a leader against drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. She is an exemplary person.

She is trapped in a gilded cage.

The response of the first grade teacher when she learned that her daughter wanted to have a loving, healthy relationship with her father was to tell her that she was going to be thrown out of the house as soon as the school year ended and she would be forced to move to California to live with her father and would have to graduate with a class of strangers.

What would she do if she became angry at one of your children?

The first grade teacher swings between not allowing any contact with her father to demanding that the daughter get out of her house and live with her father in California!

This bombshell of cruelty was dropped on her as she prepared to take her final exams. Someone wiser than the first grade teacher told her that she would be guilty of child abandonment if she made good on that threat.

The court was made aware of her loose interpretation of her legal responsibilities as a parent. The court is being made aware of her continuing actions as they pertain to the well-being of the daughter.

The first grade teacher has sold the former family house, and blamed her daughter because the father learned of the sale. The house had a large Coldwell Banker sign in the front yard, and the father has friends in the old neighborhood who told him about it. A photo of the house was posted by Coldwell Banker on the internet, along with the price, and all of the selling features.

The first grade teacher has decided that it is the daughter's fault that Coldwell Banker didn't use "stealthy" means to sell that house. Why would the first grade teacher think it might be necessary to hide the sale of the house from her ex-husband who lives 2,000 miles away in California? Why does this first grade teacher have a need for furtive real estate transactions?

Although the father learned of the imminent house sale from friends who live in the neighborhood, the first grade teacher surmised that the daughter had told her father and as a result of that incorrect supposition, the daughter lost her driving privileges, her cell phone, and her ability to use the internet. To the first grade teacher, if she believes that her daughter is guilty of something, then she deserves punishment.

One wonders how you parents of her prospective students feel about this type of thought if it were your child she suspected of some imagined wrongdoing in her classroom?

During the teen years, when normal parents are granting their teenage children more responsibilities and freedoms, the first grade teacher is busily trying to bind her daughter tighter than ever with a never-ending stream of arbitrary rules.

Now, at the time of this writing, the first grade teacher may have made it clear to her daughter that if she has any additional contact with her father, she will be evicted from home on the very day that she turns eighteen years of age, thereby preventing her from graduating with people she has known since the first grade. It is consistent with her thinking that she would threaten to deny needed financial support for her daugter's college education if she has any further contact with her father.

The questions which need to asked of this particular first grade teacher are best asked by trained, impartial professionals whose training prepares them to delve into such an angry mind.

The questions the father still has are:
"Why does she dislike her own child so much?"
"Why is she so willing to hurt her own child just to continue her campaign of hate against the father?"
"What punishments does she inflict on children in the relative privacy of her classroom?"

The father wants a normal, healthy, unmonitored, normal relationship with his daughter. That is all he wants. He wants no contact of any type with the first grade teacher, her new husband, or any other aspect of their lives.

As a response to this open letter, the first grade teacher will probably threaten her daughter, accusing her of having made new contact with her father. She will likely revoke privileges and invoke punishment for things her daughter never did.

It will be important for the Hawthorn School District and the community to get involved and assure that the first grade teacher doesn't use this letter as justification for new cruelty and abuse, and to assess the first grade teacher's psychological and personality profiles before she is given responsibility for 25 little children when the new school year begins.

Another question for the PTO and the members of the community whose children could end up in her class is:

"What is it about the way she treats her own daughter which gives them confidence that she can provide a warm, nourishing, enjoyable educational experience for their little children?"

The first grade teacher should be tested by as many psychologists as are necessary to determine why she continues to mistreat her own child, and also to determine whether how this person is able to fulfill the emotional and educational needs of your children in her role as their first grade teacher.

The first grade teacher needs professional help so that she can be made to understand the great harm she is doing to her daughter, and finally put an end to the torment of her child.

If you had the choice, would you REALLY choose to place your child in a classroom with this particular first grade teacher knowing that she has NEVER passed even ONE psychological test?


Monday, July 12, 2004

Dear Amy,

I just returned from more tests and was told that I've got to have more tests!! Scripps is an excellent place, and medicine really is an inexact science, so I have to go along with the program so that I can find out how to get better.

I've also decided that I'll eat a few rice wafers if absolutely necessary! I do want to have a relationship with my favorite daughter and I have to be here to do that (pretty intelligent, huh?). It would be helpful to know whether she shares that interest in re-establishing contact!

I hope that you're having a fun summer....wherever you are, and I really do wish that you'd call me sometime. I have to go now and get some rest.

I love you,


Thursday, July 08, 2004


Dear Amy,

Just a quick note to say "Hi" and to tell you that I love you. I have something going on with my heart, so I want to be sure that you know how much I love you. I'm sorry that things turned out the way they did. Your mother may finally be getting what she wants. I trust that you will not let her trample you down for very much longer.

I've got more stress tests to put up with tomorrow. I don't understand them. I tell the doctors that I can barely breathe and that my chest feels "tight" and my lungs "burn" and their response is to hook me up to a treadmill and tell me to go faster on it. It seems that they are trying to kill me too!

I think that if the verdict is grim, I'll spend a little more time flying over Torrey Pines and walking along the beach with Laura, and alone. I remember all of the fun we had together, and I'm very grateful for those times. It's a bit scary for me right now, but to everything there is an end, and if mine is imminent, I'm going out as bravely as I can with as much bang as I can put into it!! I refuse to hide behind tastless rice wafers and watercress and rubbery soy products!


Hold on to who you are......don't let that foul cow smother your spirit, your creativity, or your loving nature, and don't take any gas from the Lawn Dwarf either!


If you become her exact opposite, you will do wonderfully in your life.

I love you,


Here's an extra owl to help get the message to you:

Monday, July 05, 2004


Dear Amy,

I thought about you a lot yesterday when Laura and I were at Horse Shoe. We didn't go to the Cove because all of the tourists go there and the place is more crowded than a Chinese bus! You'd love Horse'd love all of this place!

I hope that you had a good time yesterday and I hope that you will make contact with me soon.

Here are a few shots of last night:

More pics to come! We're going back to go snorkeling!

I love you and hope that your mother will find the decency to allow you to contact me. If she doesn' me anyway.

With all of my love,


Sunday, July 04, 2004



Dear Amy,

Just a quick note before we go snorkeling at Horse Shoe Beach -

I hope that you're able to have a fun 4th of July and that you are doing well.

Call me anytime or send me an email or a letter.

A couple shots of how we've spent our Fourth so far...

"Beauty and grace at Torrey Pines"

"A seal pup at Horseshoe Beach - remember the dolphins near the Sanibel lighthouse?"

"Playing at Horseshoe"

"Laura & bird chillin' on the rocks"

With all of my love to my favorite daughter,

Bub o:)


Friday, July 02, 2004


Hi Amy (do you prefer "Aime"?),

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you now as I sit here looking out on the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean.

As I stood at the edge of the 340 foot high cliffs at Torrey Pines yesterday I wished that you could have been there to enjoy that beautiful place with me! Hangliders, parasailers, and radio controlled gliders share the airspace with hawks, seagulls and crows. ( I even flew an r/c glider yesterday - it reminded of when I used to fly with the old guys, except that I had to dodge the hangliders and parasailers!!)

I really wish that I could speak with you and see you and hug you and fill in the missing bits of each other's lives in the beauty of this environment. (ANY environment would be equally wonderful!)

You can call me collect anytime from any payphone or from any of your friend's cell phones. No matter what your mother or her new husband have told you, they CAN'T track those calls. YOU have to decide whether you want her hate of me to define the way YOU live your life. You're old enough now to make that decision.

If she threatens to throw you out of the house again after you turn 18, there are several families who will open their homes to you and allow you to live in the school district so that you can graduate with your class.

You should not be a pawn or victim of your mother's hate for me. Up to now, you have been. As of now, you still are.

I love you more dearly than I love anyone or anything. I'm trying to do what I can to help you to stand up with dignity and self-respect, and without the constancy of fear of her reprisals.
I'm content to wait until you've graduated if your mother won't allow you to have a normal life. It's important that YOU recognize how twisted her behavior is, and don't use her as a role model. If you do, you'll end up like her......she has money, but nothing else except an embittered heart and a source of frequent flier miles.

She is as addicted to her hatred of me as her parents were addicted to gallon bottles of cheap vodka. Walgreens always had more cheap vodka for them to consume, and as long as I love you, she has an endless supply of hate. She can't make me stop loving you, so she is forced to hate me even more by her own addiction to hate. She is defined by her hatred for me.

That is not a healthy credential for a first grade teacher to have to put at the top of her list of the things which define her, and it would HAVE to be at the TOP of any list about her. It is who she is. (or what she is)

Like an alcoholic, she has lost control.

"The man in this photo has been my personal hero since I first saw him stand up to a column of Communist Chinese tanks, armed only with his shopping bags and his willingness to stand up for a cause he believed in."

That's all for now. I have to take Laura's car to get smogged, and then I have to get some bougainvillea plants, and then I have to go to Torrey Pines to think about you.

With all of my love,



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