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Monday, April 10, 2006

Note to Republican(mostly) business owners -

Your income, your family's income, your retirement, and your overall well-being depends on how well you can lie to yourselves about the illegal Mexicans you continue to hire to work for you.

Republicans are always the first to pull out the American flag, swear allegiance to "American principles", declare fealty to the Constitution, and vote for the candidate who promises to reduce government spending on the elderly, the sick, the homeless, the working poor, and others who are not as well off as you are.

In short, once your business has profited by wearing out those groups of people, you are eager to dispose of them as if they were worn out brakes.

You vote for the candidate who wants to wage protracted wars on some unlucky group of people, somewhere far away from your home. The wars waged will almost always benefit you and your business in ways which are not immediately obvious.

What is obvious is that no senior Republican of the George Bush government has any children fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. What is also obvious is that young people of predominantly black or Mexican parentage are being shipped overseas to get their legs and faces blown off.

Why do they go?

There are no more middle class jobs in America because Republicans, ever greedy for more money and higher profits and lower costs have closed their American offices, factories, call centers, and so on. A kid who gets out of high school has no job skills which are salable in the America you've created under the George Bush administration, so they gamble with their lives and join the military. A high school education in America is about the same as a seventh grade education in Korea. From the days of winning global wars against genuine enemies and putting men on the moon, America has been sucked nearly lifeless by unrestricted, government-assisted Republican greed.

How did the banking business get away with raising interest on credit cards to more than 18%? Credit cards are little else than government-aided usury. Why does a private conglomerate of private banks control the American economy through the medium of the "Federal Reserve Bank?"

The most prominent American export today is DEATH. We export the tools and weapons of death around the world. We export our youth to do the killing required by a dark side of George Bush, a man who ran like a scared cat when America asked him to go serve his country in Viet Nam.

In fact, NO senior Republican in the present administration has ever served America in a war. Somehow, they ALL managed to be FAR AWAY from the fighting - yet they are happy to send others to be mangled or killed. Only Senator John McCain has a military combat record he can verify, but Karl Rove, the Republican character assassin and executioner of careers, saw fit to smear McCain at a time when the American public wanted to know why George Bush ran away from serving America in military service.

Why do we continue to let politicians send American youth off to fight and die when those same politicians wouldn't fight to defend America when their country needed them? Where did they hide? How did they get away with it?

Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld are tough individuals. People in Washington fear them. People in Washington seem to have been genetically spliced with poultry. Government employees and the policians who are charged with leading us are apparently as afraid of almost everything as Chicken Little was afraid that the sky was falling! Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld are NOT tough men........they are little men who learned how to frighten people and rose to their present positions by stepping on the faces of others.

We Americans are dumbly following a spineless coalition of slugs, chickens, weasels, snakes, cockroaches, and barking dogs.

We are to blame because we keep making the same mistake of assuming that one day one of them will be honest enough to "turn the country around".

We are to blame because we keep saying "Why vote for anyone if they're all corrupt?" In the last weekend, I heard four people say that.

We are to blame because we don't DEMAND that judges try cases on ACTUAL MERIT and LOGIC rather than a legalistic, inane interpretation of law they learned as lawyers.

We are to blame because we are willing to accept corruption and mediocrity as long as it doesn't harm our businesses, our station in life, our families, our retirement, or any aspect of day to day life in our comfortable homes.

Republicans - you have failed the most basic tests of morality. As a group, your failure to further the American legacy of excellence is more horrible and grotesque than anything I could have imagined.

Now you're pulling out the American flag again, to conceal your practice of hiring illegal Mexicans. Soon, your president Bush will be on TV, mouthing inane Rovian drivel. He doesn't know what he's saying........the words appear on his teleprompter and he reads them. None of us believes anything he says. Those who say they support the President will admit privately that they have to say that, or that they feel "unpatriotic" saying that they don't agree with him.

He is not the President in the classic sense of presidents past - he is merely the leader of liars.

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