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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hi Amester!

Another day has passed.............I tend to think about you more as this time of year approaches. The leaves are turning beautiful colours back there and the air is crisp and refreshing....not quite cold yet. The morning sun in Autumn always seemed to be brighter - probably because the summer humidity has dissipated and the air is clearer - free of the water which hangs in it during the hot months of summer.

The mosquitoes have probably had their last flurry of activity and have forfeited their rotten little lives to the coming cold. Their kids will be back to plague everyone as soon as it gets nice enough to go outside again. It's not fair, but as you've seen - there's at least one mosquito no matter where you go (even some mothers are mosquito-like). In your case, you seem unable to avoid the mosquito!

Since moving to Cali, I've managed to find only ONE mosquito, and I had to hike up the side of a mountain and then down into a heavily forested ravine to find it. It actually found me, and since it was my first one, I didn't even swat it. If you remember Emily, you should look for her blog soon...........not too soon though.

I've learned to grill fresh fish, and I walk 3 blocks to the fish store and pick my fish from the day's catch as the fishermen deliver it. It's so much better than fish which has been frozen or refrigerated! I'm still looking forward to being able to grill some for you. I'm pretty sure that you qualify as a CA state resident, so you should consider going to college out here. Your mother has probably dictated the terms under which she will pay for your college tuition, and I'll bet that one of the stipulations is that you don't attend school outside of the Midwest or the East! How long will she be able to steal your volition?

Well.....enough of that for now. I was observing things yesterday morning and it looks like she's still about the same. Are her teeth fluorescent white, or do you have some weird lights in that place? Glow-in-the-dark teeth!! Pretty scary when she smiles at night, huh? I had pretty much forgotten what she looked like until now. I liked her face better when I had forgotten it.

Ok......I'm gonna go...............I started to write you a little note and got side tracked by the DARK SIDE.

I hope that life is wonderful and wonder-filled for you. This year is one of the most important in your life, and I want it to be the best year you've ever had!

(Exotic pics coming as soon as the airlines find the luggage with the Compact Flash Memory cards, boomerangs, carved shells and other stuff that I've already forgotten.)

With my love

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