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Friday, October 29, 2004

Hi Amy!

It's been an interesting week. I've missed you so much this week that I thought about almost nothing else but you. It's wrong for any parent to do what your mother did, and even she knows that. Knowing that it's wrong and evil and even immoral, she continues to demand her pound of flesh, except that she wants the blood too!

I have no way of knowing whether you still check here or not............I think I'm writing to everyone in the world except you. I hope that you do continue to check here. I've been watching and listening at home and have come to regret having anything to do with that installation. It's addictive! Even though I don't want to watch or listen, I often check it anyway, leave it on, and then end up spending hours being entertained by you and the occasional moron who wanders by with a remarkably dumb comment. The little guy is so predictable - I can almost guess what he'll say next!! It's kind of like a game show! (Wheel of Dwarves?)

I've also been contacted this week by people from the U.S. and Germany, each wanting to know more about Wayne's al Qaeda connection. I expect that he'll be hearing from them soon too! (They know where you live!!)

Your mother is incapable of compassion - her actions are guided by something other than thought or love, or even concern for you. She CANNOT stand to be wrong and she IS totally wrong! Rather than admit to past errors, she will continue to be wrong into eternity - and to her, that's the same as not being wrong.

She is very much like George W. Bush!

with all of my love,


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