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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Muslims are unfit to live in democratic societies. They are as unlike the rest of humanity as snakes are unlike infant children.

The Pope was wrong when he apologised for telling the truth about Islam and its followers. Muslims have allowed their religion to be hijacked by thugs and rapists and now no one in the non-Muslim world trusts them. No one in the Muslim world can safely trust other muslims. They are bent on violence, havoc, rape, pillaging, looting, kidnapping, beheading, and burning women and children alive.

Until the followers of Islam reclaim their religion from the Islamic thugs who have been committing crimes in the name of Islam, there is no reason for ANYONE to trust them. They should be forced to travel on "Air Islam" with other Muslims. Not more than 100 of them per year should ever be allowed entry to the United States, Great Britain, or any other democratic society.

I would not let snakes into my house. Would you?



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