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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hi Amy!

Just a very short note to tell you that Laura and I saw Ray and enjoyed it. Her younger brother used to play trumpet in his band! From what he said, Ray was not a very nice person most of the time, so I guess the movie was accurate. Not much else happening here.....went walking around the village getting tan and "healthy" looking.

Gotta go............we're going to watch "Anchorman" Netflix is great! (Addendum: "Anchorman" was a waste of time. "Anchorman" is what the word "Trite" endeavours to define. A few 12 year old boys with potty mouth and a video camera may have made that movie. but I suspect that it was made by people with less talent.

Hope you're allowed to at least go to the mall during Spring Break!!!! Would love it if Wayne stepped up and got your mother to allow us to have contact.

with all of my love,


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