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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

JDBE.EXE virus
JDBG.EXE virus
RPC Doom Virus
You've been infected with RPC Doom virus

Cool Web Search
C2 Media


The first 4 of the above are virus hoaxes. The last 4 are home page hijackers. Read on to learn about them.

If you want to do something about SPYWARE, HOME PAGE HIJACKING, and SPAM, go to send this URL to your friends, and tell them the virus is a hoax.

If you have already found and deleted those files, don't worry. Your computer probably never used them anyway. If you want to, you can reinstall Windows and the files will be restored.

If you get a warning that the RPC Doom Virus has been found on your computer, it's a STUPID POP UP AD. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and the Windows Task Manager will appear.
Click on the RPC Doom Warning in the Task Manager Window, and then click on "End Task" at the lower left of the Task Manager window. The warning will go away. Use the popup killer from 12 Ghosts to prevent this from happening again.

If your HOME PAGE has been changed (high jacked), download Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. Also download Spybot, Spysweeper, and Hijack This. They can all be found on Google, and all are FREE! I just used each of them to clear out all traces of an annoying Home Page Hijacker called HOMEOldSP.

It took repeated attempts to eliminate it, but the latest update to Lavasoft's Ad-Aware seemed to be the only one which eliminated it, and it seemed to have attached itself to an old version 12 Ghosts Popup Killer which I had been using, which I have now removed. I will download the newest version because I've found. 12Ghosts to be an excellent piece of free software. The 12 Ghosts Washer is an efficient, free way to remove unwanted files from the cache.

SpySweeper was able to remove SPYWARE and ADWARE (Like CoolWWW) and remnants of spyware which other programs had previously not removed completely.

www. has good advice on getting rid of these pests who think that if they change our computer home page, we will like them and will buy products from them.

I suggest that we all refuse to support popups by blocking them or using the Task Manager technique to get rid of them.

Every time you click anything on a popup(Including the "X" to close the pop-up window), the website owner has proof of your traffic, and reports your visit as an increase in their website traffic, which lures stupid advertisers to pay them to infest the web with more pop ups. Use the task manager trick to get rid of the pop ups, or use a SAFE popup killer to prevent them.

Many of the "pop up killers" contain spyware or viruses. From what I've read, almost ALL of the pop up killers from xxx sites contain spyware, viruses, or some other kind of data miners.

I recommend using all of the above programs at least once a week to keep your system "clean". Remember, they are all FREE!!

Send this URL to the person who sent you the fake viruses, and to others on your mailing list and maybe we can get rid of this rubbish and prevent people from panicking.

This link will take you to a page which is dedicated to the removal of SPYWARE.

If your homepage has been replaced by Cool Web Search, or CoolWWW, check this link for info on how to get rid of it.

Spysweeper, by Webroot, has a "shield" which will protect your homepage from garbage like "CoolWWW". After running Spysweeper and deleting the parasitic software, click on "Options" and activate the Home Page Shield.

Remember, NEVER open a POP UP AD, and tell everyone on your mailing list not to either. In fact, tell that to everyone you know. If people don't open the ads.....they will go away.

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