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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dear Amy,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm still here, and still thinking about you. My memory of details seems to be more clouded lately, but I will never forget you, or stop loving you. I have been trying to remember the name of the thing the Vikings were looking for when we saw that show on TV in Puerto Rico, and tried to remember that place that had fresh popcorn. I've tried to remember how many seasons I coached your soccer teams, and whether we ever won any games?

I'm sorry to see that your knee is still not 100% and hope it gets better soon. I hope it can repair fully. It is further proof that she will push you or anyone else until they break......or push them off of a cliff if it suits her purpose! You told her repeatedly that your knee hurt yet she made you continue to practice and perform on it until it was finally damaged enough so that you can't dance anymore . She did that to me a few times too.....even when I broke my foot, and even after I cracked a few ribs, and even after I tore a few ligaments. The irony here is that she used to awaken me with her whining every time she had a sore throat or a cold. If she got the sniffies, she needed ice bags, thermometers, tea, honey, cough drops, heating pads, special Kleenex, meals in bed.........................she's really a wimp ("Steve........wake up...I don't feel good"). The memory of her hatchet face with a thermometer stuck in it and an ice bag on her head is the first image of her I've had in years. God, I wish I hadn't remembered that! If her eyes were any closer, she'd be a Cyclops.

I used to wonder why she had to wake me up to tell me that she had a cold!!

Not being God (or even a doctor), there was nothing I could do about her cold, but she felt compelled to awaken me EVERY time she felt ill..............

You and I weren't permitted to be injured or ill.

I'm guessing that the time she's spending with you at events is to show the community what a good mommy she is. The community knows otherwise, and many of the neighbors in the old neighborhood and several in Gregg's Landing contacted me to let me know that you could stay with them if she threw you out of the house as she threatened to do. The neighbors know what she is like.....they just don't know what she is!

I'll be thinking of you as you approach the big day in June.
Oh well...........gotta go and get a haircut. I'm looking forward to meeting Wayne

With all of my love from 2,000+ miles away,

Bub - Your loving father (I don't know if you still say "Daddy")

(recent digipics from the desert to appear here soon)

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