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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"U.S.S. Midway at Sunset November 28, 2004"

Dear Aime,

I thought about you at Thanksgiving.........still hoping to see your face, hear your voice, and enjoy being with you again. I wonder if Wayne has been wondering how he'd cope with the disappearance of his children? I wonder if he even thinks about that, or whether he'd even care? If he reads this, as I am sure he does on occasion (after all, the letter I sent you with this address was probably intercepted by him or his future ex-wife. I'm certain that it never got to you........but I continue to write to you in the hope that you still manage to look here occasionally. I know that you used to look here, but I'm certain that she's threatened you with something new and evil if you come here again, and Wayne has probably lied to you about how he can check to see if you do.)

Maybe they are good together? As unseemly as it is, it is possible. In grammar, 2 negatives = 1 positive. As I reflect upon that last observation, the reality that the union of 2 snakes = more snakes is probably more apropos in their case.

It is still amazing that a person so incapable of love is allowed to have custody of anything other than an alligator or a sea crocodile!

I haven't been watching Beaver TV for more than a week - we've been busy with Thanksgiving and have been taking walks along the beach and going to San Diego to enjoy the neighborhoods and the Embacadero. I took the Midway photo on Sunday.........we both wore shorts and sandals and talked about you back there in the tundra! Your room and private bathroom are still ready and waiting for you! Life in La Jolla is not so bad, as you'll see when you come here!

We'll get some fresh fish and grill it.....take you to the the the ocean.....go to The Fish Market for some of their incredible clam chowder or Ahi...........just get here and we'll do the rest.

Life on Beaver street is pretty depressing to me now. At first it was a novelty to be able to do it, but now the mere sight of her makes my toes and fingers feel cold. I don't enjoy that, so I don't watch as much. I don't know if they're still looking for my KeyHoles or if they're both just practitioners of extreme oddness. They won't find them for a few years, and if they do, they won't know that they've found them. I'm tempted to give them a phrase to repeat in any location, and then I can tell them where they were when they spoke the phrase. Laura and my lawyer have advised against doing that.

Time to light the grill...........tonight we're having yellowtail marinated in tequila, lime, brown sugar and served with fresh mangoes sprinkled with Pico Guapo! A loaf of fresh sourdough and some fresh veggies!! You should search here for more
CoolWWW and Pico Guapo .

Gotta go!



ps.......Wayne, here's a question for YOU: How would you feel if your children were ripped away from YOU and KEPT away??? Are you proud of your ongoing complicity in her evildoing? I'm looking forward to meeting you in December so that we can discuss this and other issues.

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