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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"The Open Air Greenhouse at Balboa Park in San Diego"

Hi Amester!

I really don't have any way of knowing whether you're able to check here or not, so I'll continue to write to you here. I was very disappointed by Mr. Avocado. I had hoped to befriend him since we have so much in common. Instead, he behaved poorly, exhibiting bad form, no manners, and, generally, the loutish comportment of a common Mexican thug. That being said, I'm very surprised that he and your mother are not close friends. I'm looking forward to meeting him very soon, and hope that he is less frightened by some quality face time than he was by a simple phone call.

I truly hope that his son is a more civil, person. I give the son the benefit of the doubt in the matter.

Enough of Avocado until I see him!

The sun is shining brightly here, colouring the sky with startling orange, red, pink, purple and pale blue hue as it nears the horizon. The last 3 sunsets have been the most spectacular of all the ones I've ever seen! I've never seen the sky painted with such vivid crimsons and blazing pinks. Clouds on the horizon were rimmed with fiery gold. All that was missing from the sunset each day was the visage of Jesus breaking through the sky!
The intensity of the sunsets has to do with the Santa Ana winds which have been blowing out of the desert. The upper atmosphere is filled with minute specks of sand(dust) and the setting sun paints every little speckwith myriads of blazing colour and each of the billions of particles must have been coloured with every value of the spectrum.

It's warm here - I just walked to the grocery store wearing a Polo shirt, shorts, and sandals. Tomorrow morning, I'll get up and walk to the fish store and pick our dinner from the catch of the day as it arrives! I expect it's getting cold back there now. Every time I go aboard the Midway, I meet people from Illinois, Minnesota, and other cold places. For some reason, it doesn't seem as though the cheddar-heads from WI know about California, or simply choose to stay in WI because of............? (I don't know why). (See the MIDWAY on the Seaport Village Webcam). Since I've been here, I've only seen 8 WI license plates, however it seems that most of Massachussetts is in San Diego!

If you go to the MIDWAY webcam site I linked, do it when it is daylight here or you might see nothing, or only a few harbor lights.

About this time every year I ask myself whether Wayne will ever see the horror of what your mommy is doing andwonder if he will make an effort to end her reign of madness. I know what he does, but I really don't know what he thinks. I think she has him neutered and he can't do anything. I would be willing to meet him to try to bring about an end to the mess she's created.

I'm in the midst of a hot game of internet chess with a worthy opponent, so I'll end here and go finish the rascal!

I want you to know how much I love you.......and that I do have hope of seeing you again.

with all of my love,


Beautiful Green Plant Backlighted by the San Diego Sun!
(Both photos in this post are from last Sunday)

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