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Monday, November 22, 2004

If you're here for solutions to CoolWWW, Cool Web Search, Lop Dot Com,TribalFusion, Zedo, TKBell.Exe, Mazxserving, HomeOldSP, or other adware/spyware annoyances, please scroll down to find the answers you're looking for. This site is pimarily devoted to establishing contact with my daughter (adware and spyware are secondary issues here, but the help you seek is in the body of this site!) (TKBell.Exe is a part of your REAL Player software - it is not spyware) If you want to get rid of it, delete REAL Player from your computer.

If you've received an email from SUN TRUST BANK - destroy it! It's not from SUN TRUST BANK. If you look carefully at the URL of the sender, you'll see that it seems to be from:

Look closer! It's from: sunt

Block the sender and move on.

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