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Monday, November 22, 2004

"Balboa Park Open-Air Windows - Who needs glass or insulation?"

Hi Aime,

I was just thinking about you and decided to send you an email to say so!~
Have you noticed all of the Oldsmobile Aleros and Chevy Caprice Classic 4 door sedans around your house in the last 2 weeks? Keep an eye out for them when you're coming home or going out.............

German and Portuguese officials have been to visit me about Wayne al Qaeda, and people from the USA and UK are coming on Wednesday. I guess that they are interested in him! I don't understand why the Portuguese were so keen to know about him?

I've wondered what Mr. Avocado must have been told about me for him to become so frightened so easily??? ("You got some 'splainin' to do!")

I saw another Celebrity cruise ship in port and it reminded me of you, Layla, and the Zenith. It also made me think about the El San Juan hotel, coqui frogs, and that crazy movie about the Vikings - what was that thing they were looking for?

We just had 6" of snow fall within 90 miles of here!! Amazing!!! Lots of SoCalifornia kids are
going to the mountains to play on it - they showed pics on TV of kids trying to ride surfboards and trashcans down the sides of mountains near Julian. (No one told them that you're only supposed to use the trash can lid!!) They kids who rolled down inside the garbage cans said they didn't understand how to control the can as it bounced and rolled down the mountains, but each said that they were ".......gonna figure it out and get real good at it!"

We're going to walk down to the beach to enjoy the ocean so I have to stop now - I'll be back soon!



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