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Sunday, June 06, 2004


Dear Amy,'s 6/6/2004. A day of peace. My contribution to the peace effort is that I have decided not to contact the new occupants of the house - about anything - ever.

It would be an equally civilized gesture if normalcy was restored to our relationship, including regular visitations timed to coincide with your school holiday schedule. To that end, I've begun a process in the court to request that a legal visitation schedule be implemented in time for this summer.

I have to go through the court system because I am uncertain whether your mother will undertake such a plan voluntarily, and I want it to be a visitation which has legal consequences if it is not adhered to.

This pain and hate has been grinding away for too long. I am gratified to be the first one to take the first step necessary to bring an end to it.

The next step, if taken by your mother, is of equal importance. Should she choose not to take the next step, she would send a powerful message about herself.

I hope that your mother will find some relief in my gesture, and will match it by voluntarily allowing us freedom.

I will be in contact with my attorney tomorrow to let her know that she should continue to move forward through the legal system. One way or another, I want to have our relationship re-established, repaired, rekindled, and restored.

With my decision to remain silent, I have taken the first step. Will it be treated graciously or rudely? Either way, I have made the effort, and I feel very good about that.

I hope to see you soon..............




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