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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Dear Amy,

Laura knows a couple of film producers she has hired in the past to produce documentary films for her company. There are screenwriters who live in La Jolla. I'm going to try to find them and pitch the idea of doing a made-for-TV movie about our life in the last 5 years.

She thinks it will make a best-selling book too. Nothing like our life exists anywhere in reality, so the story of our life is a hot commercial property because it is REAL!! I've begun writing about it, and when you get out from being sequestered behind the gilded Berlin Wall she's got around you , you can contribute your side of it. You will of course, get half of the money.

I'm merely trying to encourage your mother to voluntarily enable normal communication and visitation in time for the summer. I don't want to speak with her, and I'm certain that she feels the same about me.

I stand behind my statement that I will not disclose anything about the house to the new owners. It is my "wedding gift" to my ex-wife and her husband - their marriage does not need any additional strains.

The request for visitation will still go forward in the court, and there is much in the file now about the way your mother has treated you.

It is not generally believed that her methods, and treatment of you during and after the divorce are appropriate or desirable qualities to find in a person who is believed to be professionally trained and qualified to teach first grade children.

The Hawthorn School district has failed its children and their parents that she has been given responsibility for building the self-esteem of the children under her supervision, nurturing them as little individuals, caring for their emotional needs, and even assuring their physical safety and well-being.

The matter of visitation is still going before the judge as soon as my lawyer is ready. If your mother has not moved to allow us the freedoms which are normal to children and parents, it will confirm the contents of the file which is now in the Waukegan courthouse.

ALL I want is PEACE and normalcy!

Remember that my love for you is deep, and without conditions. I will always love you no matter what you don't do. I will love you for disagreeing with me or anyone. I will love you for having the sense of self to tell people "to "get over yourself" if they lie to you, or with whom you disagree.

You have the RIGHT to your own opinion, and you have the RIGHT to express it, and you have the RIGHT to tell ANYONE that you differ with them on ANY issue. If you know that expressing yourself openly will anger ANYONE....then it is your DUTY to express yourself and allow yourself to be free. You will increase your own self-esteem in quantum leaps when you begin to do that.

As long as you remain civil, you have the right to express your thoughts and your feelings. Failure to do so is the same as burying your individuality and creativity in six feet of dirt, from which place it cannot be seen or heard.

Ok........time for breakfast!



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