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Sunday, June 13, 2004


Dear Amy,

Laura and I sat at home and watched the California segment of the Reagan burial. As the camera showed the sun setting, we could look out our western bay window to see it
Finally, when they showed the sun drop below the mountains, we looked out and saw that the sun was still above the Pacific!(We can look at at the ocean 3 blocks away from the West side of our place....)

Yesterday, we went to a Greek festival in downtown San Diego, and got into the Greek Wedding thing.....lambs being roasted on spits, saganaki, baklava, loukoumades, spanikopita.....and much much more. (Do you remember the awful smell of flaming Saganaki in the Village Squire restaurant in McHenry? Do you remember when you were a very small child, pointing to a huge woman and saying loudly and exuberantly "There's the really big one!!"?

There was a live band at the festival playing Greek music, and we were even ready to get up and dance with the Greek dancers, but there was not an opportunity to do so. (Yes.....I am happy to dance with her!)

Laura and I shared a (large) glass of Ouzo, which is fairly beastly stuff unless you've been brought up with it. The idea behind going there was to have a good time and try new things, which is the way Laura and I live life. We accomplished both goals!

I hope that you can relax a bit now that your ACT's are behind you.

Here are a few pictures taken at the festival, and on the street outside of it.

"Cute, huh? English version...note the steering wheel

"74 Mini"

"Cool old Lincoln Continental"

"St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church"

This little girl reminded us of "Tula"

"The church.....from a different perspective"

"Inside the Greek Orthodox Church"


There was much more going on at the festival, but since we were having fun, there was no time for pictures!

It will always be difficult, writing to you here, so in your mother's game of Child = Pawn, your mother has "won". She will always "win" at that game because I will not play it. To me, you are a child of ours - not a pawn or a bargaining chip.

I wil not play in any game of hers in which you are the "pawn". She has been playing that game by herself.

I really miss you and your cheery personality!!

Notice how bright the sun and blue the sky is in San Diego ..........

With my love,


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