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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Dear Amy,

Here's an Orwellian horror to consider. I didn't think of it before now because it is not something I would use on anyone except an enemy. Since it can be easily installed and polled remotely, I imagine that you might know a person who would use such stuff. It may be a never-ending source of amusement for a very strange, bored little man sitting alone at night in his hotel room in some distant city.

Does this seem plausible?

A search for exe files with "ms" prefixes will reveal whether it's on your PC. Msmsgs.exe is a prime canidate for suspicion. My guess is that it is, and every keystroke you've made at your PC has been monitored. Disgusting!!

eye with lines.bmp

caveat IM, caveat email, caveat online searching.

(Imagine that "someone" may have been reading all of your IM's, the replies to your IM's, your email letters and the replies to them, and watching every site you visit on the internet.)

I don't want to make you paranoid, but rather want to alert you to the possibility that "they're watching". Go carefully forward with your life at home and school, but never stop going forward. As soon as they can scare you into thinking they will kick you out after your 18th birthday and you won't be able to graduate with your class, or that college won't be paid for if you have any contact with me, they've won and you will have surrendered a piece of your soul to them.

Short Dorf is going to report to Princess Die that you've been telling me about the threats they've made, but anyone who knows her will know that she will ALWAYS go straight to the parts of your life and happiness which she can control, and will figuratively hang them over the cliff, threatening to destroy them. For the've told me NOTHING!

Her code of behavior is "If she can't win, then everybody has to lose!". Her modus operandi is to threaten to take away, limit, disfigure, or otherwise destroy the very things which you need to be happy. She is happiest when you are unhappy because she feels powerful and somehow, "needed". Her existence is validated and defined by the misery she causes.

Between now and when you turn 18, you have some important personal choices to make. I will always love you, whichever choice you make. I hope that you will choose to stand up for your own dignity, and your own freedoms, and will not allow her to continue to blame you for her own shortcomings, or for her odd suspicions and angry paranoia.

She has brewed herself quite a kettle of trouble.

Now, I'm just sitting here looking out my window, at the blue, sparkling Pacific Ocean........waiting. Waiting for 2:30PM PST to hear the latest from my lawyer.

After so many years, waiting finally feels good because there is purpose to my patience now.

Waiting..........just waiting.

If that atrocious spying program was installed on your home PC.....Short Dorf will race to remove it before you find it. They'll both deny any knowledge of it. I'll let you know how to do some basic hard drive forensics so that you can see if anything evil or underhanded has been done to your PC. In fact, you can see about 95.% of what's been placed on your hard drive!!

PestPatrol is the only program I know of which will find that program and remove it from your PC.

with my love,

Your daddy.


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