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Monday, May 24, 2004


Dear Amy.

You are the only 17 year old I know who is forbidden to make regular, unmonitored contact with your loving parent, whose incoming mail is censored or thrown away........I'm hoping that you will be able to recover from the things she's put you through.

I wish I could have seen you as you have been growing up these past years. I wish I had been permitted to get calls from you, real letters from you,emails from you, photographs of you and I wish I could have just enjoyed your company and seen you performing at games.........

I really wish we could communicate openly, and I wish that we could be together and just try to rebuild the stolen years. I've never stopped loving you, and will continue to love you as long as I live.

All I want is a normal, unrestricted relationship with you. Your mother can keep all of the things she took from me. I just want a normal relationship with you.

Sometimes it gets very lonely writing here, but I firmly believe that writing here has been therapeutic, and Oprah might even read this and try to contact you!)(hint!)

I get lots of compliments about my photos, and people are very interested in you and "Mommie Dearest". Since we can't communicate freely, this is my only venue for the expression of my thoughts and feelings, hoping that you are able to see what I've written.

Go OPRAH!! I'd love to see the show where Dr. Phil interviews your mother and tries to understand how she thinks that being cruel and abusive to you (and me) will make you a better person!!!





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