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Monday, May 10, 2004

Dear Amy,

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and as I listened to the cheery conversations Laura had with her children, it reminded me how much I miss you and the happiness that comes with you.

By taking you away with lies,innuendo, and fabrications, your mother has inflicted a deeper, longer-lasting pain on me than even she could have ever hoped for.

Pain was what she sought inflict, and I don't believe that she cared what damage she inflicted on you as long as she was able to damage me.

She did damage me, and continues to damage me, but she can never damage or diminish the love I have for you. You are my daughter, and I will always love you, and she is powerless to ever alter that.

This last Saturday, Laura and I went to Idyllwild since Borrego is now too hot for almost everything. I've posted a few pics from Idyllwild, and a few from Torrey Pines taken in April. The skies as you see them in these photos are as they appear most of the year here, and since coming here, I haven't worn anything warmer than an old sweatshirt. NO jacket, no hat, no gloves, no snow, no ice, no'd love it here, and there is a private bedroom with its own private bath waiting for you when you're ready and able to come here.(We're 4 blocks from the beach)

Torrey Pines is 5 miles from here, the Borrego desert is only a 90 minute drive from here, as is Idyllwild. There will be more pics from Idyllwild and the surrounding area in weeks to come. We are thinking of hiking over the mountains (Lily Rock) to Palm Springs which is only 8 miles away. We would both have a lot of conditioning to do before we attempt it, and we have to decide whether we want to do it. It wouldn't cost any more than a five dollar parking fee and a couple of sandwiches and some water!

Mexico is only 20 miles from here, but we haven't even begun to look in that direction as an exciting new place to explore because the law is so corrupt that crimes against Americans are most often committed by the Mexican police themselves.

We'd both love to experience Mexico and its rich and colorful culture, but not as long as the corrupt police can, and do, terrorize anyone they feel "needs to be terrorized". We know that the Mexicans are a good, warm, fun-loving and industrious people, but their police set the tone for safety while in their country.

All for now.........I'll keep writing and placing captions under photos for you.



"Looking up........."

"If you look closely, you can see a climber at the top of Lily Rock" (The climbers call it Tahlquitz because "climbing Lily Rock doesn't sound very macho"

"A fork in the river"

"Lake Fulmor...many of the Jeffrey Pines are blighted, so it looks like an Autumn scene...Jeffrey Pines smell like vanilla!!"

"Sailplanes below the cliffs at Torrey Pines (5 miles from here)

"His wingtip came very close to us!"

"Fly to the sun...


Well Bugfish, is it a beautiful place?

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