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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Dear Amy~

I was just thinking about you. I was listening to Jimmy Buffett's "Jolly Mon". I really wish that I could write to you directly. Perhaps you will call me sometime.

Last week, and over the weekend, I spoke with friends and ex-neighbors and they provided me with information I had not previously known. I called to ask whether they would be willing to help you if it became necessary.

If I didn't have cause for concern about your well-being, I wouldn't have called those people at all. When I learn that you are in a dangerous or unstable situation, I will always do whatever must be done to help you, while staying in compliance.

Do not allow her to bully you or accuse you of things you didn't do. Her game only works if people are intimidated by her. If you are in the right, and you know that you are right, then state your position and remove yourself from her game. She will simply have to find another victim.

Since there is no restriction on staying in contact with people I like, I still call them, and they still call me. They all know absolutely everything about what's gone on and are amazed that she thinks that she can keep you incommnicado in her bottle forever.

The reality of my life is that I am not interested in my ex-wife and her new husband. I don't want to know ANYTHING about them.
I am only interested in you and in your happiness and well-being.

By keeping you isolated, censored, and repressed she encourages people who remember that I was the parent who cared for you to continue to relay information about you to me.

These friends and neighbors and colleagues tell me things because they are concerned about you. They tell me things because they they care about you, and because they are trying to help you and me.

They know that I have been in shock and grief-stricken because she took you away and has kept you away.

She has been awful enough to me, and horrid enough to you that I have NO interest in anything she and her new husband EVER do. I am concerned for you, and what she might do to you next.

I am weary of her legal wrangling, her sneaking about, and her connivances. I am weary of her in toto. I moved as far away from her as I could get and still remain in the contiguous 48 states.

********* END of that dismal part *************

It's probably pretty dark there now. The sun is shining brightly through our West windows, and a gentle breeze rustles the palms occasionally. It's really pretty here. It took me a while to get used to it, but I'm well acclimated now, and have even gotten accustomed to the very rude drivers who seem to all be going 90 - 95 mph (literally!). Very few people in California's driver's education program seem to have learned about the little "stick" on the left side of the steering column. I think they hang things from it. They don't use it to signal! They suddenly change lanes and seem to enjoy the terror they inflict on other drivers.

I just get way over to the right, but not all the way to the right because the right lane frequently turns into exits, or ramps leading to Los Angeles. I've been shunted off the freeways and sent toward Mexico, L.A., or Tucson too many times to fall for it anymore.

The number of cars and the frantic pace at which they move is amazing! Huge trucks so big as to be impossible to park, are racing through traffic with tiny, tweaked, hot Hondas and Harley Davidsons with awful, noisy engines. This whole state vibrates with energy.

Speaking of vibrating...I still haven't felt any earthquakes, but I've seen the rest of the country laid to waste by hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, and floods. I saw WGN news at noon today and saw that your area is pretty soaked and more water is coming your way!

~I love you~



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