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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Dear Amy,

Here's me last Sunday in a town called Lemon Grove, where in many cases, the pickup trucks are larger than the houses, as you will see in subsequent posts. On the back of this giant truck is a decal which says "Sucking gas and hauling a**".
You can't tell from this angle, but the truck is actually longer than the house!!

(That's a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump - not a cell phone. I've been improving my overall health and wellness with that little insulin pump!!)(Also, I don't have ANY money for a cell phone - and no one needs to contact me with such urgency that they can't simply leave a message on the answering machine)

Laura and I are debating whether or not we should be going back to Idyllwild this weekend, or just staying around La Jolla, soaking up the sun and the sea.

We've got masks, snorkels, and fins but the water is still too bloody cold for the likes of us!! It's as cold or colder than Lake Michigan is.....that's one little detail which often overlooked by those who admire the beauty of California(especially ME!!). Still, in a month it will be relatively comfortable to swim in. The surfers all wear wetsuits and they spend as much of the year as they can in the Pacific.

I love this place and all of its diversity and activity, but I miss thunderstorms, which don't occur along the coast.

"Ohhhh give a home among the gum trees,
with lots of plum trees,
A sheep or two and a kangaroo,
clothesline out the back,
veranda out the front
and an old rocking chair!"

I forgot the name of the band that sang that. Do you remember? Never mind, I just remembered that it was "Bullamakanka"


gotta go get a haircut...........more pics to follow.

With all of my love



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