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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


If you're concened about the SASSER WORM, or NetSky, download a free trial version of PC-Cillin from Trend Micro.UPDATE ALL OF YOUR DEFENSES DAILY!!!


MANY SITES OFFER TO HELP YOU GET CoolWWW OFF OF YOUR COMPUTER - SOME OF THEM ARE THE MEANS BY WHICH CoolWWW is installed, and re-installed, and updated and re-installed and so on....................

CoolWWW cannot be gotten rid of by Cool Web may be "removed", but it is only a very temporary repair...... it will always permutate and will always return. You MUST update your defenses DAILY!

Be alert and pay close attention to your TYPING SKILLS. There is a malicious site named "". The legitimate site is "", and it is the origin of Cool Web Shredder software.

If you have been alarmed by the RPC Doom Virus Detected Pop-up "Warning", DO NOT CLICK THE "DISINFECT" TAB!! Instead, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and highlight the warning in the Windows task manager. Click "End Task". If you've already clicked "Disinfect" you've almost surely downloaded something nasty, so read on and you'll learn how to get rid of it - forever!

If you have any concerns about the health of your PC, go to this link and download AVG. It's an EXCELLENT, COMPREHENSIVE anti-virus tool which does not screw up Windows like Norton sometimes can (and does). It's also FREE. If you keep AVG updated daily, you should not have any more trouble with infections. not download it from any site other than Grisoft's site. If you do, you are welcoming mischief.

Another secure, comprehensive virus scan of your computer can be made by clicking this link to Trend Micro, which has a highly respected FREE product called Housecall.

Now, for SpyWare, Adware, Malware, tracking cookies, and "pestware" in general:

Go to this site and download Ad-aware. It is an excellent FREE tool for the removal of parasites. It does NOT prevent them from reoccurring or returning. It is only a short term repair.

Garbage like Lopdotcom, Tribalfusion, Zedo, Hitbox, NetCounter, NetStats,Maxserving, atwola, and other tracking cookies are easily deleted by a daily use of Ad-aware, but they will be back almost as soon as you've gone on the internet.

I update ALL of my defense software DAILY because the fools who write parasitic code update their fecalware daily.

HiJackThis, and BHO Demon are also very useful tools, and both are free.

At this time, I don't recommend using any of the other free utilities.

Everyone should go to this Microsoft site and download the appropriate software patches.

HomeOldSP cannot be gotten rid of with AVG. The repair is temporary, so it is really not a repair.

If you don't want to have to use 3 or 4 or 5 free programs every day and don't want to spend the time to update them DAILY, but you want to permanently remove CoolWWW, Home OldSP, Cool Web Search, LopDotCom, TribalFusion, Zedo, RPC DOOM WARNINGS, atwola, akamai, and all other types of Spyware, Adware, Tracking Cookies, and other Malware that's out there, then you should get GhostSurf Pro.

If you have visited this site before, you know that I've been trying all of the free software that's available online. I have suggested that you all update your defenses daily because CoolWWW keeps coming back in a new, permutated form.

None of these free software programs has been able to permanently eliminate the hijackers, redirects, popups, or other hidden links to bad sites.

GhostSurf Pro is an effective piece of software which does what you hope all of the free software will do, but it is not free.

After months of frustration and annoyance at having my home page hijacked every day, I would have been glad to pay anyone almost any price to get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

Microsoft can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

Norton can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

MacAfee can't get rid of Cool WWW and the other Home Page Hijackers!!

I bought the full copy of GhostSurf Pro from Tenebril, and I now own my PC again!

It has defeated CoolWWW, RPC Doom Warning,Cool Web Search, Spyware, Adware, Tribal Fusion, Lopdotcom, Home OldSP and EVERY tracking cookie I choose to ban from entering my computer.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, I've placed a link to the company which makes GhostSurf Pro, and you can order it directly from them......or you can keep trying the free software I've listed in earlier posts, but you'll still have to keep updating them at least once a day.

For the last 6 days....I haven't updated any of my defenses. I've set Ghost Surf Pro to update itself daily. I have been able to see every attempt made by sites to Hijack my home page, and I've been able to see every site which attempts to place a tracking cookie on my computer, and I've been able to block them before they can do their dirty work. I've also been able to keep sites from placing images and popups on my computer.

I've set GhostSurf Pro so that it automatically blocks all new attempts to gather ANY information from my computer. It also wipes out all traces of my private online surfing. No one can build a profile of me from my personal online browsing, and I like that feature of GhostSurf Pro very much!

My only regret is that I didn't learn about it earlier. I'm happier because I have control of my computer again.

IF you decide to purchase GhostSurf Pro, order it ONLY from Tenebril. There is a link to their site at the bottom of this page. Any other source of GhostSurf Pro may be a copy containing the trojans and spyware you are trying to eliminate.

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