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Friday, April 23, 2004


Dear Amy,

I may be a fool for believing that you can read anything which I write to you, and I may be an even bigger fool for believing that you still love me. I will die as a fool, because I will never stop loving daughter.

Your mother can't extinguish or diminish my love for you, and I hope that she hasn't been able to undo your love for me.

I will always love matter what she has done to you, or what she has represented to you. Remember that the "therapists" and "experts" she took you to see were all briefed by her alone, and with the exception of school personnel, they were paid by her to lead you to her version of the truth.

In the courts, they call it "Leading the witness". The military and the intelligence services call it "brainwashing", and it is an unspeakably cruel act to inflict it on a young person caught up in an awful event in her life. "Therapists", like other people in business, do as they are told by their employer...who is the person who is paying them.

It is naieve to believe otherwise.

"Therapists" are frauds in the same way the fortune tellers, psychiatrists, palm readers, and Ouija boards are.

I am so sorry that she was able to do that to you.

As I said............I will always love you. You are welcome to join us in La Jolla whenever you choose to come.

With all of my love,



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