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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Pledge of Allegiance, God, and the meaning of DEMOCRACY.

The following definition is copied directly from Webster's Online Dictionary. It doesn't say that the beliefs of atheists, or those of any other narrow minority group supersede the rights and will of the majority.

It says the exact opposite of that:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Main Entry: de·moc·ra·cy
Pronunciation: di-'mä-kr&-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -cies
Etymology: Middle French democratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek dEmokratia, from dEmos + -kratia -cracy
1 a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority

If the beliefs of narrow minorities were ever allowed to supersede the will of the majority, I could claim that the winner of the next election (any election) does not represent my beliefs, and should therefore be removed because his beliefs violate my beliefs......a clear abridgement of something pseudo-Constitutional.

Will someone please show me the exact place where the authors of the Constitution wrote the bit about separation of church and state? I don't think that it was ever written into the Constitution, but was a part of a judicial decision which has ever since been interpreted to mean that there is a Constitutionally proscribed separation between church and state.

I know that atheists pay taxes, but so do a lot of other people who disagree with the government. Being an atheist is not an entitlement to getting your way at the expense of the majority of your fellow citizens.

If no municipal medical facilities were nearby, would an atheist rather die than be taken to a Lutheran Hospital? A Catholic hospital? An Islamic Hospital? A Jewish Hospital? A Methodist Hospital? A Mormon hospital? Any hospital run by any religious organization

Since atheists demand strict interpretation of the law, I wonder if they are equally strict when it comes to living and dying by their own creed.

It is hypocrisy for atheists to allow religion-based hospitals to save their lives when they're dying, and to then decry religion as stupid, and a violation of their Constitutional rights.

I believe that even the most hardcore atheist would prefer that an ambulance took them to ANY hospital, including one whose core and charter violated their atheist beliefs rather than depositing their ailing bodies at the front door to a municipal building, such as a prison, or a courthouse, or a place where people obtain driver's licenses.

Before any atheists go off on another diatribe, I again direct their attention to the definition of "democracy.

1 a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority
(Why do you people not understand that???)

My recommendation to atheists is that they begin to procreate like rats, or cockroaches, and one day, they might be the majority of people, but by then, they will have probably killed democracy, so they still might not get their way.
A atheist whose "denomination" differs from yours might be running the world, and you'd be right back where you are now!

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