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Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Dear Amy,

I've learned to really enjoy the desert. It's so amazingly free of people that it affords me the time to think about things which are important or interesting to me rather than having to constantly react to things.

I think that's the appeal.

We spend almost all of our days (and lives) reacting to things.............alarm clocks, morning news, microwave ovens beeping, stop lights, turn signals, garbage trucks backing up, telephones ringing, emails, road signs, classes, seeing brand names of cars, televisions, watches , coffee, computers.....almost every product you see is plastered and littered with information. There are endless office meetings, flashing neon signs, more news headlines, advertisements, sirens, and so on.............

We have to endure an absolutely ceaseless torrent of garbage information and so we are depleted and exhausted by having had to process all of it that we drop into the merciful arms of a soft bed and a warming blanket, only to face it again in 5 - 8 hours! Most people don't even know that they're drowning in unnecessary information. They don't even know that they're drowning in anything. Some even think they are being entertained by having all of this crap hurled at them.

The business of information is really not much different than the business of cess pit operations. Nasty, worthless stuff goes in, and you have to pay someone something to put it in, and then you have to pay them again when it comes out.

To counteract the fact that people's senses have been dulled by the attack of information, the purveyors of information add more lights, make the lights even brighter, increase the number of ads, handouts, flyers and billboards, and turn the volume way up.

If you are ever tempted to take a survey, or enter a contest......don't. The information you provide will be used against you in some new scheme to separate you from your money.

Some retreat into a bottle. Some take drugs. I use life's great mute button - by going to the desert.

In the desert, none of those things exist.

Just quiet.

In the desert, water and shade are worth more than money. Silence and serenity are free.



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