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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Dear Amy,

It's a gray day in town today. A 53 year old man visiting from Colorado went swimming with his 17 year old daughter in "The Cove" today. They didn't wear wetsuits because they probably didn't know that they should, and they swam out to the half mile marker. On the way back, the man disappeared. His daughter swam ashore to get help and the place was buzzing with helicopters and TV cameras in a matter of minutes.

That was 5 hours ago, and they still haven't found his body. They swam through a lot of kelp which local swimmers always try to avoid. He could stay tangled in the kelp and never be found. I was down near the cove when it happened, and found it very hard to look at the daughter and her mother. It was harder still when a diver handed a paper bag to a policeman, who walked over to hand it to the man's wife. It was his diving mask.

I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again. A few months ago..........I was tired of seeing the sun and hoped for clouds and rain! Rain has been forecast for the weekend, so I may get my wish after all.



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