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Friday, March 26, 2004


Dear Amy,

If I still lived back there, I'd be filled with a powerful urge to go to the warmth of a cruise in the Caribbean, or at least a week or two on on a powdery white beach in Florida. Since I live in one of the world's 2 best climates, I just walk down to the beach and never need a highway, ship, or airplane. I no longer have to suffer through winters which seem to last most of the year.

Spain or Greece would be nice too, but I'm just a few miles from "el bordero" and I hear too much Spanish as it is. They're both too far away, and I lack the money or frequent flier miles to go anywhere.

I'm actually, I'm HAPPY right where I am. We can walk to the beach, and within an hour, we can be in the mountains (Big Bear Ski Resort is on fire as I write this). In an hour and a half, we can be in the Anza Borrego desert. In 30 minutes, we can be in Mexico, but WHO would want to go there?

Going across the border to Mexico is a very risky thing to do these days. Americans are being robbed, assaulted, and smugglers are hiding drugs in their cars when they park them. If you don't get assaulted or robbed, you're at risk of being jailed by the Mexican or American authorities when they find drugs hidden in/on your car.

Most of the Mexicans doing the assaulting and robbing seem to be the Mexican police. There seems to be no incentive for them to stop committing either crime. They can make more money from one robbed tourist than they can make all month at their police jobs.

The irony is that the same police are called to investigate their own crimes.
Our solution is easy: "Don't go there", and most of the people we know feel the same way.

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