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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


For jdbe.virus info and Pop-up virus info, scroll down

Dear Amy,

I sent you another letter on Sunday, so it should arrive today. I have no confidence that you're getting everything I send you. I can imagine a scenario in which your mother or her new husband read all of my letters before you do. I suspect that if they don't like the content, they throw it away. Your mother has a habit of doing that with people too.

Latley, I've been deluged with jdbe.exe. virus hoaxes, and also a pop-up virus hoax" I've also been getting silly letters from "Africans" who live in France or the Czech Republic. One purported to be from the widow of a nice guy who was killed while trying to bring democracy to his emabattled country. She wanted my checking account number so she could deposit several hundred thousand dollars into it for safekeeping. (She knew that she could trust me because I am a freedom-loving American)
Yesterday I received a similar letter from "Chief Yango Bubu" saying that he needed me to protect his embattled tribe's few remaining assets ("..all that's left of the assets is a bit less than 6 hundred thousand US dollars") by hiding them in my checking account. Mr Bubu said that his tribe was being wiped out, and if the killing continued, there would be no one left to collect the tribal assets, so they would be mine because there would be no record in Africa of the deposit he wants to make to my account.

What Chief Bubu really meant was that he was going to have a really good tribal plundering of my checking account if I was dumb enough to give him access to it. What Chief Bubu didn't know is that I am broke.

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