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Sunday, January 11, 2004

When I first saw this video clip of a little boy running and jumping into the pool BEFORE he got to the edge of the pool, I laughed......and I watched it again and again until I realized that I have been doing this (figuratively) for most of my life. Observe the exuberance with which he races towards the pool! He is a happy little guy, anticipating his imminent, refreshing splash in the water. We've ALL emabarked on vacations, projects, "missions" filled with excitement and enthusiasm, only to have it turn to dirt in our mouths. This kid is no different. He is operating with defective intelligence(I don't mean that his intelligence level is below par), produced by a brain which has interpreted its environment incorrectly. We all have done that, and we all continue to do it. How many times have you sat down to a dinner where there was more than one fork, spoon, and knife and you noticed that you were the only one using the wrong one? How many times have you forgotten the name of the important person to whom you were just introduced? How many times have you tried to open a door by PUSHING it, even though the sign on the door says "PULL". How many times have you been listening to a CD on your Walkman and turned the volume wheel the wrong way and nearly blown your eyeballs out of your head? How many times have you "tapped" another car while parking your own?? How many times have you gotten out of elevator on the wrong floor, and pretended to go to your office because you were too embarassed to get back in and admit to your fellow elevator passengers that you didn't have any awareness of where you were or where you were going?

Don't be too hard on the little kid who missed the pool. It's funny, to be sure, but it's something we've all done in different ways. Laugh at the little guy.....someone has laughed at you in the same way. As long as there is no blood spilled, no bones broken, and no emotional scars, mistakes are funny.

Just so you readers know what to look forward to, I'm going to PB (Pacific Beach) to eat a BIG ASS BURGER for lunch soon, and I'll take my little Canon PowerShot A80, which must be the best digital camera in the world for $350.00

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