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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

THIS man is an idiot!

Steve Irwin, the blond Australian with the thick, elastic accent and khaki shorts is a blessing for America, Australia, and the rest of the world. If you remember, Steve Irwin decided to teach his one month old son how to feed dangerous 13 foot long crocodiles so that he would know how to defend himself from the crocs which purportedly abound in the Irwin home and property in Queensland, Australia. (Why not move to the suburbs, Mr. Irwin?)

Young master Irwin hasn't yet mastered the art of not pooping in his own attire. He is incapable of walking, and is probably not strong enought to hold a piece of flesh as heavy as the one his dad fed to the croc in front of a crowd of horrified, onlookers who had PAID to observe the senior Irwin's crocodile antics. Young master Irwin lacks the ability to recognize the danger he would place himself in if he were to crawl over to a crocodile with a bloody morsel of meat, in emulation of his apparently foolish, irresponsible father.

From the clips I observed on TV, young master Irwin was being held away from the crocodile, and presumably, could not observe his father's croc feeding technique, and therefore, could not learn from it. His father also waddled him towards a pond like a helpless rubber doll, his feet apparently never touching the ground, but Steve Irwin ensured that crowd and the camera were able to see him place the child in mortal peril. They were little feet.....the kind that might have just been a tasty little munch for an opportunistic predator, such as Mr. Irwin says that crocs are.

Why did Mr. Irwin choose to "teach" his son those valuable survival techniques in front of people who had bought tickets with MONEY, and in front of a film crew which was filming the spectacle for his show, which earns him MONEY???

In the beginning, I said that this has been a good experience for the shows us all that the United States does not have all of the idiots. Australia has at least one WORLD CLASS IDIOT itself. The rest of you countries have your own share of Irwinesque idiots too, and one by one, they will carve a place for themselve in the world press, and you will be embarassed and ashamed too.

Mr. Irwin said in paraphrase, that he was "sickened and disgusted at being compared to Michael Jackson. Most of us would be too, but most of us have cared for and nurtured our children, and didn't use them as props for media stunts, to boost our ratings.

Shame on you Mr. Irwin. I never liked your fatuous, self-serving show's worse than "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo"., which I always thought was the worst TV show ever. (Ever see the episode where Skippy flew a helicopter?) Your mistreatment of your child, and your subsequent mealy-mouthed, transparent lies have ensured that I will NOT EVER watch any of your rubbish again.

As for the comparison to Michael Jackson.......which do YOU think is worse? Sleeping with 12 year old boys, or subjecting an 11 month old baby to dangerous predator which by its own instinct, will be compelled to kill the infant by drowning it and then eating it??

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