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Saturday, January 17, 2004

La Jolla sunset. January 17, 2004

Good Morning Amy,

I wanted you to see what I saw..............this was not one of the more spectacular sunsets, but the pelicans make it a more appealing picture. Laura and I cleaned the bird cage, and then drove out to a town called Poway where the budgie breeder has his home and birds. I fell in love with 2 birds, known at this time only as #5 and #26. I have to wait at least 5 more days before I can go back and choose one of them and bring it home.

Both are animated, curious, highly vocal little characters. #5 is bright green and yellow, and #26 is referred to as "gray-green". #26 is not as beautiful as #5, but I think I like its little bird personality better........... I'll keep you posted, and will post a photo of whichever bird I choose.

Below is a picture of Bub's Dive, which is another of those unique places which abound in Pacific Beach. I like it for the name.....................

"Must be some positive "BUB" vibes happening here!!"

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