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Thursday, December 11, 2003

It's a cold day in the dark regions of Cyberia, the source, and destination, of most of my communications. Not even a slice of SPAM today. Even the crapmasters have found me less than worthy of their attention. I wouldn't send me any SPAM either. I ignore it, refuse to look at it, and have several SPAM-blocking filters and data minefields to stop and kill SPAM before it gets to me.

POP-UPs are another huge annoyance, but I haven't even had any of those today. I never read pop-ups. I "click the "X" box at the top right of the screen, which is probably exactly what the senders of POP-UPS want us all to do. In some negative, perverse way, it proves to the idiots who pay them that the POP-UP has been seen. It seems like getting punched in the face so that you can prove that you've had personal contact with a fist.

I said that I don't read POP-UPs. I don't. That doesn't prevent me from noticing that once-respected corporate logos, such as that of American Express, are being popped up on my monitor. Which idiots at American Express decided that it would be a good way to spend American Express money by annoying people, and hoping that we were so annoyed by their POP-UP ads obliterating our online activities that we would begin to use their products??

Which idiots fell for the notion that the more you annoy someone, the more they will like you? It seems to be a very effective way to get advertisers to pay you, but I'm not sure that it gets them the favorable attention they want.

If you hate POP-UPs............go to 12 Ghosts and download their POP-UP killer for free.(

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