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Friday, December 12, 2003

I used to have an AMAZING daughter. Now I don't know what she has become, or what has become of her.

To AMY, (Picture taken in May, 1992)

I will say again to you that I love you dearly and will ALWAYS welcome you back into my life if you can come back. You should know that you have never been out of my life, never been out of my thoughts, and never been out of my love. I have missed you so desperately since she stole you that life has barely been worth living. Your mother was a twisted and tortured soul when she did that, and may have gotten worse. I can never forgive her for what she did, but since she could never believe that she that she could do anything wrong......she would never be gracious enough to accept forgiveness......which is good, because I have none for her.

It is YOU I am worried about. As a child, you used to tell me that you were glad I was around to protect you from her erratic behavior and arbitrary rules, and her mean-spirited nature. Since she has taken you, I haven't been able to shield you from her, and I'm afraid of what she may have done to you.


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