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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Dear Amy,

Today is Christmas day. It was a lonely day for me. Laura's daughters came to visit her, and her son called her. Her mother called her. Her brothers called her. We watched a Christmas eve celebration from Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago on WGN last night, and today, we exchanged a few small gifts and enjoyed a meal together.

During this entire Christmas holiday season, I've tried very hard to conceal how I really feel about having had my daughter stolen from me by my ex-wife , and I've tried to write humorous things. I've tried not to think about you, but I still think about you, and remember you as fondly and lovingly as always.

My only prayer was that we will be able to get back together. My only dark thought is that God gives her the same intense type of pain that she has caused me, and you.

She shunned her mother for years because she was an alcoholic, but she snuggled up closer to her father, who was equally an alcoholic, and in reality, was more so than her mother. Her father had money, and your mother wanted to assure her place in his will.

She is the child of drug addicted parents, and her anger and distorted views of the world are having an inevitable effect and influence on you. Don't expect her sibling to be any better....same parents............same sickness. They are 2 sick beings who know that they are equally twisted, and each enables and lies to everyone else about everything.

Remember that I love you.


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