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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Thanks for your thoughts about Amy and her mother. I think that Amy has elected "survival" for the short term, and has to live under the fascist rule of her mother for one more year. Maybe Amy will see things in their true light when she is free of her mother.

When I was married to her mother, I noticed how quickly jshe went from apparent rationality to crazed, violent irrationality in milliseconds. An explosive, unstable and violent person should NEVER be a teacher of children in the first grade (or of anyone else!) On her trip to irrationality, there seemed to be many stops and stations, and she would usually get off before she arrived at full irrationality. Sometimes she went all of the way to the land of Irrationality. As a citizen, she was familiar with the customs, language, and terrain. She didn't need a passport. That was her true home.

She seems far too unstable to be entrusted with the well-being of anyone, and I think that people with her emotional instability pose a threat to the children in her charge in the same way that an unexploded land mine poses a threat to children playing in a field that was once a battleground. One day, one of those kids will step on one of her many triggers, and she'll explode.........again.

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