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Monday, November 03, 2003

Hi Amester!


We're descended from this guy. He married Elizabeth Tilley, who was on the Mayflower with her mother and father, so that means that we have 4 ancestors who came over on the Mayflower.

Your mother and her sister were really upset about that fact, and her sister stomped around like a grumpy old man whenever I mentioned it. She would start coughing and change the subject. I would mention it because she used to brag that her family was so very English, and soon, she would start acting "English". (Fake accent and all!) She HATED it when I showed her the proof that my family was also very English, and had the titles to go along with it. Her family were coal and tin miners.
She came back from England once with a rather masculine ring with a coat of arms on it. She said it was her family's coat of arms, but there is no record of such arms ever being issued to ANYONE. She just had it made in a gift shop in England so she could try to impress English people she met.

Ok........................enough of that for now. Read about John Howland...he REALLY is one of your ancestors, no matter how much your mother and her sister don't want to admit it.

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