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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I keep writing here because I hope that you can find this place, and see what I've written, and because I think it helps me to see my thoughts. Both seem to be "healing" effects that this writing has on me.

Now, a word of interest about your Auntie who should be investigated...................................

She seems to be of interest to the IRS. They're looking for people who know details of false claims when she deducted her trips to Europe as legitimate educational expenses. They know she lied to them. She's come under scrutiny.......I think that WAFLT would be concerned if Pam's tax evasion tactics were widely known.

What I want in exchange for normal relations with you. I also want EVERY photo your mother has in the house which I took, including ALL vacation photos and all photos taken by other of you and me. I do not want any photos with your mother in them. I want EVERY video tape I shot. I want ALL of my family heirloom Christmas tree ornaments. I also want ALL of my stereo equipment, ALL of my tools, including power tools, and ALL hand tools (including the ones that your mother gave me)(I know that she remembers them!! She GAVE those to me and they are still MINE!

She can choose to help her sister by giving me normal access to you, and by giving me my all of my things. (Her husband is welcome to continue wearing my underpants, sleeeping in my bed, and living in my house.

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