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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

She cannot spell. Grammar is a concept which is foreign to her. She cannot string two sentences together and maintan continuity.

How can an nearly illiterate and highly undereducated woman who is incapable of writing her own college papers, and is incapable of remedial math without a calculator with big buttons even be thought of as one who is qualified to teach anything to anyone? How can she teach what she doesn't know to children who are more intelligent than she is?

What I like about questions like the last one is that Amy used to ask me on a regular basis, how her mother could be a teacher, since she couldn't think logically, or understand what she read , could barely write, or do basic arithmetic without either of us helping her. Now, that new chubby little hubby is probably doing her thinking for her and her colleagues are unknowingly supplying her with new ideas. (She stays late and copies the ideas they've created)

She is a drone. No spark in that little mind. She is a parasite who sucks ideas from other teachers and presents them as her own.

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