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Thursday, September 18, 2003

A fire last night was very nice...........but it is a sharp signal that the cold is coming. I still have my VERY heavy down parka, jackets, gloves, and other winter clothing from my ex-life in Chicago. That is one damned cold place, and when I hear the weather reports from back there next February, I'm going to look down and see that I'm wearing shorts and sandals and be very happy to be where I am.

I do miss my friends, and thunderstorms, and the leaves of Autumn, and large parking spaces and straight roads, and people who use turn signals, and so on. The basic southern Californian has very little awareness of others, and almost no concept of courtesy. I think they were all raised by wolves.

We have a fireplace here, but I haven't seen any trees!!! I don't know what they burn in fireplaces in California!! Have you ever burned those little rolls of compressed wax and sawdust that they sell in the supermarkets? You put them in the fireplace and light the wrapper. They burn, give off heat and light, but have none of the smell or the snap of real firewood. I remember Fall and Winter in Illinois, walking around the neighborhood, smelling burning leaves, and the fires that other people had burning in their fireplaces. Other people's fires always smell good!

I'm trying to awaken..........gotta go brew a fresh pot of coffee. Laura is a coffee snob and has converted me. I used to buy stuff like Hills Bros Colombian, or Dark Roast, or French Blend. Now I buy coffee from Peet's. Anything else tastes like dirty water. (Pretty snobby, huh?) I've also learned to enjoy Lattes. If I don't watch myself, I'll be eating seaweed and sprouts!

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